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We Revive Your Device!

At SmartPhone ER, we excel at technology repairs and are a top ranked electronics repair shop. Our mission is to restore your electronic device, iPhone, smartphone, cell phone, iPad, laptop, drones and so much more, to perfect working order.
screen Lcd replacement

Screen / LCD Replacement

Is your iPhone, cell phone screen, or tablet cracked or non-responsive?  SmartPhone ER can repair your screen and have your Phone or iPhone looking brand new again.  Just bring your Phone in to our Repair Center for an estimate.

battery charging issues

Battery / Charging Issues

Is your battery is not holding a charge or is draining faster than normal?  You may need to replace your battery. If your phone doesn't sync or charge, your charging port/data port needs repair. SmartPhone ER will replace the charging port or battery on your phone and fix the problem.

water damage care

Water Damage Care

If your cell phone or tablet accidentally gets wet or immersed in water, SmartPhone ER may still be able to save your phone.  Simply leave your phone off or turn it off, remove the battery, and bring your phone to our cell phone repair center as soon as possible.

Laptop repair

Laptop Repairs

The most common repair we perform on laptops are the screen repairs. We offer full front panel LCD replacements on most macbooks and windows laptops. Each laptop has a different type of LCD part so please contact us for an exact quote.

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