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A Look into the iPhone SE 2022

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

On March 8, 2022, Apple announced its newest addition to the iPhone SE line, which unsurprisingly goes by the same name as its predecessor. If you don’t follow Apple’s product announcements, you’ll be confused by the multiple SEs they’ve announced over the years. One notable thing about this year’s iPhone SE is it’s the first 5G-capable iPhone SE. So if you see an iPhone SE on 5G, that’s the one we’re talking about.

How does the iPhone SE 2022 look?

But the iPhone SE 2022 makes itself distinctive–with its glass front and glass back design, it doesn’t take itself far from the more expensive iPhone 13 line. It’s also lighter than the iPhone 13 itself, but a few grams heavier than the iPhone 13 mini.

Since we’re talking about the iPhone SE 2022’s appearance, we’ll let you know that it’s perfect for the fans of Apple’s original circular home buttons–its old trademark. If you prefer having the tactile feedback of Apple’s home buttons, the iPhone SE 2022 is a shiny new smartphone you can take interest in. Of course, with the classic home button comes the fingerprint feature we all outgrew but still adore.

When it comes to its display, the SE 2022 boasts a 5.45-inch Retina IPS LCD, which is approximately half an inch smaller than the iPhone 13’s display. But that’s because the 13 has a bezel-free display, and the iPhone SE has the signature look iPhones had until the iPhone 8 series.

What’s making the iPhone SE 2022 run?

The iPhone SE 2022 is shipped with iOS 15.4, and you can upgrade to the latest version any time it's available. With its A15 Bionic chip that also runs the iPhone 13 series, you’ll get all the processing power you need for less. Moreover, its graphics processor has 4-cores, which is good enough to run mobile games on high without stuttering.

Its storage capacity starts at 64 GB and you can upgrade up to 256 GB. To casual users who don’t store a lot of media, 64 GB is more than enough to house common applications such as Instagram and other apps. But if you’re heavy on collecting photos, videos, and apps, you should grab the 256 GB option so you won’t have to sacrifice some files in the future.

How good is the iPhone SE 2022’s camera?

We don’t even have to talk about iPhones being praised for their excellent camera quality. This year’s iPhone SE is no exception. Its rear camera has a single-lens 7 MP setup, with HDR that takes up to 4k quality at 60 fps videos. Perfect for capturing ultra high-quality videos, if you’re into that!

For its front camera, you get a 7 MP HDR lens that can capture up to 1080p at 60 fps videos. The iPhone SE 2022’s cameras may not be as feature-packed as the iPhone 13 series’, but it still puts up a good fight for its price.

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