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"Highest Quality at the Lowest Prices"

phone repair
First and foremost, we are problem solvers.
When you come to SmartPhone ER with an electronic device issue, we have the technical aptitude and experience to repair it. Beyond smartphones, we specialize in a wide variety of electronic devices repairs such as computers, laptops, game consoles, and much more. We strive to create solutions where there weren’t any before and will continue to lead the East Texas wireless repair market as the experts in fast, efficient repairs.
global level repair
On a local and global level, our goal is to be an asset to every community we serve. We have grown tremendously since our first walk-in cell phone repair shop in Tyler, Texas in 2010, but our commitment to local service has not changed. We continue to provide local repair solutions to schools, businesses, and consumers in communities across East TX. As our regional presence grows, we are still the “go-to guys” for electronic repairs and hope to serve you at one of several locations in Tyler.
satisfied cutomer
Going Green. As a company that has a great interest in helping to ensure that the world as we know it is a better place to live, we repair devices to extend its life and keep perfectly good electronics out of our landfills by properly recycling old and used batteries and parts. These practices allow us to minimize our carbon emissions, thus positively impacting mother nature herself.
customer satisfaction
Our Customers mean everything to us and because of them we strive to continuously grow and improve our processes and techniques to better serve their needs. Our Lifetime Warranty* is just one example of how we value our customers peace of mind and is our stance to quality repairs and superior service. Each day our customers continue to tell us how happy they are and well, that makes this job all worth our while.
*Limited lifetime warranty covers parts and labor without any physical damage.  If there are any signs of physical damage caused by the customer during our diagnostics, the warranty will not cover this damage.  The warranty covers defects caused by our part or labor job only.
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